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Pool Technician for 30+ years


Spa Technician for 30+ years


Spa Technician for 30+ years

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We cannot stress enough the importance of family and friend relationships. Our friendship started over 20 years ago while working as Registered Nurses in an open heart Recovery Unit. Despite life’s journey taking us in different directions, our friendship remained throughout the years. In February 2017, we reconnected at a local elementary school; “Gary was picking up his granddaughter” and “Wendy was picking up her two daughters.” Our friendship turned into a new family.

Over the next year we experienced first hand the benefits of hydrotherapy and how it enhanced our very active lives. We could feel the positive healing of hydrotherapy after running, biking and hiking by ourselves and as a family. The hot water and massaging jets made recovery from these activities very soothing and relaxing. Of course our daughters and granddaughter love the spa as well. In the summer, when we turn down the heat and the kids really love to play in the spa with their goggles on.

Toys for Tots with Billy and Patrick at Rejuvenate Pools & Spas
Toys-4-Tots Q-97 radio event with Billy & Patrick- Dec. 2019

After 25 years of working as nurses in our community, we decided to leave the hospital setting providing individuals and families with the means of promoting better health through hydrotherapy. As a benefit, we help families and friends create memorable relationships.

We loved caring for our sick patients in our local hospital. As owners of Rejuvenate Pools and Spas LLC, we naturally really love assisting and helping our customers. Teaching them how to be self reliant spa and pool owners is our primary goal. Our commitment to our customers is that we will give you the same service that we provided to our patients over the past 25 years.

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As authorized dealers for Sundance Spas and Kona Pools, we are committed to providing activities to help families stay connected while improving their health through hydrotherapy and physical activity. We are members of the Redding and Anderson Chambers of Commerce and accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

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