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No backyard oasis is complete without a swimming pool. Our selection of swimming pools for sale can make the perfect addition to any lifestyle, as they can bring entertainment, relaxation and recreation to your backyard space. As authorized dealers of Kona pools, we are proud to offer a quality above ground pools. To get started, shop our wide selection swimming pools in Redding or contact our showroom today. One of our team members would be more than happy to help you find the best pool for your home.


An exceptional swimming experience is just around the corner. We have a wide selection of round pools for sale, so you can find the perfect one for your lifestyle with ease. These pools are built with durability and longevity in mind, so you can enjoy your backyard investment for years to come. Not to mention that Kona Pools are backed by one of the best warranties in the industry, so you can swim and enjoy with confidence. Our round pools are designed to have only two metal hardware parts, including the top tail and leg, making the installation process both quick and simple. Create the perfect backyard space for spending time with family and friends, visit Rejuvenate Pools & Spas LLC to get started today! Once you find the best pool for your lifestyle, you’ll wonder how you ever went without.

Kona Round Pool in California 15 x 50
15' X 50"
5,300 Gallons
Kona Round Pool in California 20 x 50
20' X 50"
9,000 Gallons
Kona Round Pool in California 24 x 50
24' X 50"
13,200 Gallons


Enjoy a stylish approach to the swimming pool lifestyle. Our rectangle pools come equipped with one of the most durable frame designs available to the market. Kona Pools are developed with an interconnected frame that securely and safely connects the sides and rails. Each pool is covered by a comprehensive warranty and built with materials that are chosen for their durability. Whether you’re helping your kids learn how to swim, spending time with family and friends, or cooling off under the warm summer sun, our rectangle above-ground pools can provide you the backyard versatility and enjoyment that you deserve.

Kona Rectangle Pool in California 9 x 13
9' X 13' X 52"
3,700 Gallons
Kona Rectangle Pool in California 9 x 17
9' X 17' X 52"
4,800 Gallons
Kona Rectangle Pool in California 11 x 21
11' X 21' X 52"
7,900 Gallons
Kona Rectangle Pool in California 13 x 25
13' X 25' X 52"
10,000 Gallons
Kona Rectangle Pool in California 17 x 30
17' X 30' X 52"
15,300 Gallons

The Benefits of Owning a Pool

Is your home and lifestyle missing that something special? Transform your home and backyard into your own slice of paradise with a swimming pool. You can create the personal retreat you’ve always wanted, it all begins with the installation of your dream pool. Did you know that not only your lifestyle stands to benefit from a pool installation, but your health as well?

Benefits of owning a swimming pool can include:

  • More relaxation and less stress
  • Eased muscle tension
  • Improved strength
  • Maintenance of a healthy weight
  • More time spent outdoors
  • Better sleep patterns

Spend more time with family and friends from the comfort of your swimming pool retreat. To get started and find the best pool for your lifestyle, speak with our team of backyard leisure specialists today. Our shop is always here to provide you with personalized assistance when looking for a pool or improving your backyard living space.

Complete Your Pool Package

Pool Ladder


Sturdy pool ladders that provide safety and style for your pool.

Roll Guard A-Frame Safety Ladder

  • Aesthetically pleasing contemporary design in beautiful warm gray color
  • Large 5 inch x 18 inch wide Comfortreads
  • Curved side rails designed with strength in mind
  • Inner side rails include integrated side barriers to prevent entry behind the ladder
  • Easy assembly with minimal hardware
  • Adjusts to fit pools 48” to 56” tall
  • Lockable Roll-Guard Barrier (lock included)
  • Extra large top platform
  • Just fill side rails with water to prevent floating, no sand or bricks needed

Pool Cover


Taking the time to protect your pool this winter will make for a bright, happy springtime opening! When paired with the ideal winterizing program, our winter cover will protect your pool from the wear and tear of freezing winter weather and eliminate costly maintenance and spring cleanup.

  • They are extremely lightweight and much easier to put on and take off the pool than other heavier, bulkier vinyl covers. Their nature makes easier to store, as well, since they occupy less space for storing.
  • Made from tough polyethylene fabric –these have been time-tested and prove to be made from toughest, most durable material available today.
  • Stops chemical loss through evaporation.
  • Keeps Pool Clean - Keeps pool water clean and free from dirt, leaves and debris.
  • They are competitively-priced despite their durability; any comparison will prove our value.

Built to Last 20 Year Pool Warranty

Pool Warranty

You can rest knowing you made the best decision by choosing Kona Pools with our great warranties.

  • Ripping and Tearing of Non-Welded Fabric – Twenty (20) Year Proration
  • Metal Structure Frame – Twenty (20) Year Proration
  • Seams and Fabric Delamination in Seam Areas – Twenty (20) Year Proration
  • Inlet Outlet Fittings, and Skimmer – One Year

Contact us today to learn more about our pool warranties!

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