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Enjoy water that is safe, clean and enjoyable. With the right water care products, you can look forward to a swim or soak that surrounds your body with smooth and silky water. Our team at Rejuvenate Pools & Spas can help you find the right pool and hot tub chemicals to maintain the sanitation and overall operation. With our help and vast selection, you can look forward to soaking and swimming
for many years to come.

Hasa Water Care


The HASA brand has been keeping your water clean and safe since 1964. With a reputation for excellence and dependability, you can find confidence in the regular use of these products to treat your pool or spa. Not only that, but these products have proven to be better for the environment, too. From pool chemicals that help to control algae to hot tub supplies such as brominating tablets, defoamers, oxidizers, and everything else in between. Contact us today to learn more about our HASA pool and spa products.

Hasa Water Care

Leisure Time - test strips, bromine

Spend more time with your loved ones in the comfort of your hot tub or pool, with help from Leisure Time water care products. Look forward to water that is crystal-clear, every time, thanks to products that stand for dependability. Make valuable memories with family and friends, enjoy your investment for many years to come and take pride in your pool or spa, all with help from the Leisure Time brand.

Clear Choice - alternative to chlorine that is enzyme based

Take a natural approach to water care with the ClearChoice brand. Find confidence in knowing that you are providing your family with luxurious water that is safe and soothing, all with help from enzyme-based water treatment products. For more information about the difference of natural products, speak with our experts at Rejuvenate Pools & Spas today.

Clear Water
Hot tub water care
Wuff Spas Water Care

Tuff Spas

Tuff Spas are simple, durable and innovative. Do you own a Tuff Spas hot tub? We can help you to enjoy it for many years to come. We carry parts and provide service for these industry leaders, so you can look forward to many more years of comfort and enjoyment. Does your Tuff Spas hot tub need a new filter? Relax, we have you covered. We can help you find a new filter for your spa, a back-up (just in case) and even the products to help you clean and maintain it.

Soft Tub - filters, water care products

Do you own a Softub hot tub? Look forward to many more years of rest and relaxation with help from our experts at Rejuvenate Pools & Spas. We can help you to make the most of your spa with the right water care products and other hot tub supplies, so you don’t miss a beat when it comes to your health and wellness. Is something not functioning quite right? Our service department is experienced and certified, simply schedule a service appointment with our team to have someone visit your home to inspect and repair the spa.

Clear Water
Water Care
Natural Chemistry Water Care

Natural Chemistry

Keep your swimming pool or hot tub running for many years to come. With the right water care schedule and plan, you can look forward to water that is both safe and enjoyable. By keeping the water clean regularly, you take pressure off the other areas of the system. This can help to maintain a better overall operation and longer lifespan for your investment. To learn more about Natural Chemistry water care products, contact us today.

Taylor water care

Soft Tub - filters, water care products

the 7 way test strips are the most popular. Test strips are the easiest for home owners. Keep an eye on the safety and operation of your swimming pool or hot tub with help from the Taylor® brand. Test kits can let you know the exact levels within the water, so you know how to treat it accordingly. This can help you to resolve an issue or prevent a future one with ease. Test strips and kits should be an essential item in every pool and hot tub owner’s water care tool kit.

Taylor Water Care


Certified Pool & Spa Operator
United Pool Association

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